What I’m proud of (and not so proud of)

The LGBT community is killing 2015… seriously!

Ireland voting “yes” on a referendum? SCOTUS making gay marriage an erga omnes right across the USA? Gay prides all over the world counting gazillions of participants (including Vietnam, where the LGBT community has worked hard to see a lot of rights recognized and has done an excellent job at it!).  This I’m proud of.

The T part in the acronym may have something to object, as transgender people are still often seen as freaks.  I’m never too sure what T represents, coz T stands for transgender, but also transvestites, transexual,… and these words, strangely enough ALL have their OWN meaning.  If you then belong to two minority groups (let’s say black AND T) you are pretty much fucked, because human beings, as it turns out, do need a weaker category to pick on -or at least not protect- in order to be happy.  This I’m not proud of.

In the “women’s health” sphere (also my favourite topic) I’m mostly proud of a lot of things…  Here’s a short list of things that have alternatively driven me insane and restored my faith in humanity in the past couple of months that I have spent away from this blog:

1. Some smartass German is flying abortion pills over to Poland with a drone as abortion is still illegal there and this is the only way women have to end their unwanted pregnancy.  If I wasn’t 100% sure to be misunderstood there I’d say “make love not war”  – you take it as you please, what I meant is “stop using drones to fatally injure/kill people who were watching the news in their living rooms because your drone told you that that living room was actually an Al Qaeda headquarter”. (Surprised to hear about Al Qaeda?  Yeah, these days it’s almost forgotten like low waist jeans but hey… it’s still out there!)

2. SCOTUS ruled against the closing of abortion clinics in Texas.  Now, I’m not Texan, not American and have never been close to Texas.  But I’m very happy for Texan women!  Message to my personal heroess Ruth Bader Ginsburg: you are a G and I love you!

3. On a less joyful note: Governor Palin’s daughter is pregnant (again) despite being not married (again).  Since she is a 25 year old with a 6 year old child and a stable relationship -although unmarried- what Christian fundamentalists should do is rejoice at the news of a bundle of joy delivered from the hands of God straight into Bristol Palin’s womb.  What do they do instead?  Slut shame her for having had as second child out of wedlock.  Now, my dear friends, no later than three months ago you sent to jail, not for the night, but for the next 20 years, a woman who claimed to have had a miscarriage.  You -prosecutors of Pennsylvania (yeah yeah, I remember you!)- have arbitrarily decided, on ridiculously weak grounds, that Purvi Patel had  consciously tried to abort the child and watched it die once it was out of her womb.

Where exactly do you stand, because I’m not too clear…  do you want women to have children or not?  Because if you do I think a good strategy is not shaming them into having an illegal (and therefore unsafe) abortion…  Just saying!

4. Girl Scouts of America are my new -tiny- heroesses!!!  Not only you slam the door open to transgender girls a few months ago BUT you give back a 100k USD donation because it came with terms you didn’t agree with -some twat who didn’t want it used on transgender girls-?  Dudettes, I work in development and I know how much every penny is worth, giving back a 100k grant is a pretty big deal!!!  Well done!!!  Next time though, do piss off some of the republican parents too and post it on your website!

Ok well, this is it!  This has been a pretty intense month, mostly for bad reasons, and I wanted to reflect on the good things that have happened!

Stay beautiful and spread the love!


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