Because I am a Girl

The International Women’s Day has come and gone, almost everyone I know posted something about it facebook and today, like on New Years Day, the remains of the new year’s resolutions/women’s day greetings lie under the new pile of social media statuses and memes.

Someone on twitter had the supremely bad idea of posting something about “men’s day”, now, since I’m not one of those enraged feminists who slam in your face that men privilege is so blatant in our society that you shouldn’t dream of reclaiming a “men’s day”, I’m not gonna use the word “idiot” to describe this imbecile (I said I wouldn’t use idiot, not other derogatory terms…).

But I need to set a few things straight, not because I don’t want men to have teir own special day, but because I want them to have it as we have it.  As a day that is treated as an event rather than as a milestone to set goals for the next year and look back at what has been done in the previous one.  You want men’s day to be celebrated?  Agreed.  But you are going to get flowers, chocolates and if you are very lucky a glass of wine and a bubble bath.  In the majority of cases we are not going to address violence, rape, the obligation of the two partners to do the same amount of work inside the house, equal pay.

And sorry, my dear men, but most of you would enjoy the day without even thinking about what we are NOT going to discuss because most of you are not victims of abuse, rape and sexism on the work place.  As much as very few among you would complain about having to do everything when you come home from work (dinner, clean the house, check homework, washing machine loads -better if two-, ironing, children to bed, lunch for tomorrow) and even fewer would have to complain about lower wages than their female coworkers.

So this is why we don’t celebrate the 8th of march to the fullest yet:

1. 50% of women of working age worldwide actually have a job, compared to 77% men.

2. African-American women earn 64 cents and Latina women earn 56 cents for every dollar earned by a Caucasian man. Lean In offers resources for negotiation in the workplace. (White House).

3. 1/3 women will suffer some sort of abuse during her lifetime.  1/6 will be the victim of rape.

4. Every year 15 million girls below 18 years of age are married. In 4/5 cases to much older men. If you want to support the Girls not Brides movement here the link.

5. 62 million girls worldwide are denied an education.  This will mean they will marry younger and be more likely to die of pregnancy and childbirth related causes.

6. 80% of victims of human trafficking are girls. The Malala Fund raises awareness and funds for girls to get out of this cycle and into school.

7. If family planning and new born health services were more widely available 250,000 women and 1.7 million infants wouldn’t die each year.  Vietnam has on average 1 million abortions a year against 2.4 million pregnancies.  I am pro abortion when needed, but would love to have women not think of it as a contraceptive.

8. At least 1000 honor killings occur in India and Pakistan each annually. Honor based crimes are distinguished by the fact that they are often carried out by a victim’s family or community.  They very often go unpunished.  Honour killing became a crime in Italy in 1981.

9. Around the world, only 22 percent of all national parliamentarians are female. That’s double the number in 1995, but still a marker of slow change.  They also only hold 4.8% of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies.

10. 1/5 women in US colleges have experienced sexual assault. 74 US colleges have pending sexual assault investigations.

Now, if you think you still need a men’s day because you can relate to one or more of the points above… go ahead.  We despicable feminists are also for basic rights for all, so if you are a victim of abuse or discrimination we will fight your battle by your side.  But if none of the bullet points above relate to you please go out and have a beer with your homies, becasue we are fighters and can’t be held back by idiots.

For more fun facts about how shitty a woman’s life can be please refer to this link.


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