How it all started

It all started during my first date with Paul.

I should have realized that my life was going to change for ever when I set the date for our first official date three months into our actual dating.  Sitting at a small round table on a terrace in Addis Ababa we made our first plan.  To be fair I made the plan, I said “If you don’t mind, I’m coming to India with you”.  He was a little perplexed.

But it turned out to be a good choice, for both of us. At the beginning of september 2012 I was leaving Ethiopia, after two memorable years and for good.  I went to Italy and then, a few weeks later, to India.  I spent almost a year in Bombay, possibly one of the craziest of my life, and now, september 2013, I’m sitting on the terrace of our new house in Bali.

I don’t want to use this blog to scream to the world how happy and lucky I am, I have been happy but I have also been sad, angered, frustrated.  Instead, I want to use it to tell stories, small stories, about the people I have met, even if only for a month, or an hour, or a train ride.  I want to tell the story of those who changed my life and of those who haven’t.

I want to describe the colours of the sunset on the ricefields and the sound of the Bombay trains as they enter the stations. I want to talk about the books that have accompained me and which I keep in my suitcase no matter where I go or how many times I read them, and about those which I have left behind, in the hands of good people who will make a good use of them.

I want to talk about the rain in Ethiopia, its smell and the way it melts the streets as if they were made of chocolate, of the rain in India, which announces itself majestically with the smell of rusty iron that drenches the air before the first drop falls. I have been lucky enough to see all these things and find happiness in the smallest of things, concentrating my sight on details that shut out a world which sometimes was too ugly, too intense, too noisy, too violently colourful, to be looked at.

I want to re-live all these things and open my magic world to those who want to see it!



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